Hot on the heels of beta 6...

I am proud to announce the release of Release Candidate 1. This is the first in our release candidate series. Once we are satisfied that no more bugs exist in, we will release the final version of 1.0. Remember to post your bug reports in the forum topic.

Many thanks once again go to Derek for his part of the development of 1.0. I don't think we'd be where we are now without him.

Just insofar as the next version of, we follow the Linux kernel's versioning system, with stable releases being even numbers, and development releases being odd numbers. So that means that the next stable version of will be 1.2. All new features will be in the development version, version 1.1, while we maintain the 1.0 branch, just bringing out bug fixes for any bugs that may still arise.

Some of the first jobs we will be doing in version 1.1 will be a major code cleanup. This means that internally we will be tidying up the code, which often results in faster code, and making more flexible internally. We also will be moving to SQLite 3. Currently our song and bible databases are all in SQLite 2.8 format, and we want to upgrade to make use of the updated features in version 3.

We will obviously also bring in a number of the features that have been requested so far. We have a nice long list of features, and we would like to implement as many of those as is possible. Once again, however, we will have to make a call on some features, on whether or not they make sense to be included, and on how long they will take to implement versus getting a product out.

Hope this helps to clear up what direction we are headed in for the short run.


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