Ooops!! My bad!

I must admit to those frustrated users who installed beta 5 only to find out that it wiped out their song collection, that it is kinda my fault. I had not checked the installation script (which I got from Tim originally) to see what it was doing. Also, I noticed that I had not included the proper database with the public domain songs in it, so you all got my little test database. My humblest apologies!

So I have updated the installer, and I will be uploading it in the next week (probably from work, where we have a nice fat pipe onto the Internet, rather than my dialup at home).

In other news, Derek and I have already fixed a number of bugs that you mentioned. Please keep those bug reports coming in. I'm also about to start working on the internationalization ("i18n" for short) functionality and hope to get that underway shortly.

Also, good news for those who run in a limited user account, we have started making provision for that too. You will be able to run in a limited user account, and each user account on the computer will have their own settings, although all users will have the same database, themes, etc. Of course you'll still need administrator access to install, but that's normal for any other application as well.

I'm very pleased with the progress we have made so far, and Derek is doing a fantastic job, so well done to him!

Oh, and as usual, we're always on the look out for helping hands. We need documentation done and we need a few more people in our support team, and of course more developers are always welcome. Please use the Contact Us page to let us know.

God bless!


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