1.0 beta 5

Hi guys,

A BIG thank you goes out to Derek, who's been slaving away at adding features and removing bugs. And it's therefore our great pleasure to give you 1.0 beta 5.

Some things we have done:

  • Song level themes reintroduced and reported errors corrected

  • Theme name field corrected to be not writable when adding anew theme after editing an existing theme

  • Theme background colour bug corrected

  • "Edit/Delete the selected song" added to the right-click menu

  • "Delete author" option added to song edit dialog and add song wizard dialog.

  • Automatically add authors from the "add a new author" button to the "selected authors" box instead of requiring the user to search the combo box and click "add as a song author"

  • CCLI Username and password config added to settings form.

  • CCLI Number not used as SongSelect username

  • CCLI Login and song import corrected

  • CCLI search result 'next' and 'previous' buttons fixed

  • Powerpoint launched if not running when loading a presentation

  • A few corrections made to the powerpoint slide handling

  • Slides sorted alphabetically

  • Video handling corrected

I have put created a topic in the bug reports forum for bug reports: 1.0 beta 5 bugs

God bless and enjoy!


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