release on sunday, thanks to

It's a plain fact:'s servers suck. We moved the site away from them, we've moved our project management tools away from them, and I think I might just move entirely away from them.

I'm on dialup here at home. Which is slow. So it takes a HECK of a long time to upload the 7.5 megabyte install file for So you can imagine how unimpressed I am that the file upload failed at 95%. You can imagine then that I'm even less impressed with the fact that you cannot manually delete a file from their upload server, and that you have to wait 24 hours before the is automatically deleted. And that for some or other unknown reason I cannot log in to the shell server to upload the file there and then move it across to the upload server.

So, as much as I am ready for a Friday release,'s pathetic service is not. So please be patient while I wait.


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