RC1 progress

As you might have noticed, openlp.org has stagnated again. My profuse apologies, this was due to an error with PowerPoint that I was not sure how to solve. I didn't have PowerPoint installed, so I could not figure what the problem was.

Well, this evening I eventually did install PowerPoint, and recompiled openlp.org, and it seems to have solved the problem. I also added the CCLI license number to the slides, and fixed up a bit of the positioning of the informational text at the bottom of the slides.

Unfortunately, there still seem to be a few issues with PowerPoint not displaying properly, and focussing problems. I'll be meeting with Tim on Tuesday evening to see if we can get past those last few hurdles, and then RC1 should be good to go.

On a side note, please could you keep both Tim and myself in your prayers.

  • Tim is due to get married in July, he's got his studies, and then he also has work to contend with. He's gonna be taking a much lesser role in the development and administration of the project due to his commitments.

  • I am between jobs at the moment, and with no fixed income and bills looming, things are not looking bright financially. I'm still suffering from the financial burdens of last year (including my car's clutch giving in which was expensive to fix), and therefore this does not bode well. I have a confirmed job, the company just is not yet ready for me (long story - mail me if you wanna know), and it's starting to get serious.

Thanks, and God bless!



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