1.0 beta2: an explanation

ok, some people are probably wondering a bit about this latest "release" of

i have released a prelimiary binary that i have which gets rid of that annoying powerpoint error, as well as a few other bugs. unfortunately it doesn't get rid of the big one where you can't get songs from your order of service live (though if you double-click on a song in the song list on the right, it will go live).

i'm waiting for the last few components from tim, and then i'll be working to get rid of those last few bugs. then i'll release RC1, and we can all have a good go a bashing it until it breaks.

once again, i'll take your bug reports (only, this is a release candidate, not a new version) and fix up again, and then release it again. and so on and so forth until i'm happy with it, and then we'll release the final version.

on the 2.0 side of things, i've received one or two offers of help, but i'm looking for a team of about 6 people to work on it. unfortunately i myself don't have time to do much development (with 2 courses and all my involvement at church it doesn't leave much time for other things), but i will be managing the project actively. we're using delphi 7.

please contact me at raoul[at] if you're interested in helping out.


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