Donate to OpenLP

Like most other voluntary open source projects, OpenLP has no income and is entirely funded by the personal funds of the developers. We have a number of fixed costs, like server hosting, domain names, and the like. If you'd like to help us out, please consider donating to our cause.

PayPal (Preferred)

You can donate via PayPal by clicking the button.

Donate via PayPal

You will be guided to create a PayPal account if you don't have one already.


Donate to us via Bitcoin using the address below.

Credit Card

We also accept donations via debit or credit card.

Current Needs

The reality is that most of the donated money we receive is contributed toward various server costs, as detailed below. From time to time, however, we have additional needs that are usually financed by the OpenLP team themselves. Below are some of those needs, and whether or not we have purchased them already.






Extra RAM for virtual machines





4K monitor for Hi DPI testing




4K Monitor

Apple M2 Mac Mini




M2 Mac

If you feel led to give for something specifically, please feel free to use the keywords when you donate. Below are ways to get hold of us:

  • If you use PayPal, add the keywords in the message

  • If you use your credit card, add the keywords in the keywords field

  • You can direct message Raoul via your Inbox on the forums

  • You can come into IRC and let "superfly", "TRB143" or "tgc" know your amount and keywords

Regular Costs

Here's a breakdown of our regular costs:

  1. $40/month for a VPS from which is used for downloads, developer tools and First Time Wizard data.

  2. $10/month for a backup service, also from

  3. $17/year for our main domain, See's pricing page for information on domain name costs.

  4. $35/year for our developer domain,

[ Image Credit: Tip Jar at Open Bar by Dave Dugdale ]