Reflections and Projections 1.0 beta3 released

yes folks, beta3. i have wanted to release something decent for a while, but have been trying to focus on RC1. there have been a whole lot of bugs which have just shown up, and thus i decided to rather create another beta release that people could use in the mean time.

also, i've released a database importer, many thanks to Eric Searcy for putting that together!

download, have fun!

CVS updated

well, it seems that the sourceforge CVS is back up and running again, so i've updated the CVS repository. if you want to download the source code, feel welcome to, just contact me about the extra components you'll need in order to be able to compile it.

the name of the cvs module is "openlp-old-2".

we're still having those powerpoint problems i mentioned earlier. if you have ever dealt with delphi and the windows api, would you drop me a line please?

cheers for now...

RC1 progress

As you might have noticed, has stagnated again. My profuse apologies, this was due to an error with PowerPoint that I was not sure how to solve. I didn't have PowerPoint installed, so I could not figure what the problem was.

Well, this evening I eventually did install PowerPoint, and recompiled, and it seems to have solved the problem. I also added the CCLI license number to the slides, and fixed up a bit of the positioning of the informational text at the bottom of the slides.

Unfortunately, there still seem to be a few issues with PowerPoint not displaying properly, and focussing problems. I'll be meeting with Tim on Tuesday evening to see if we can get past those last few hurdles, and then RC1 should be good to go.

On a side note, please could you keep both Tim and myself in your prayers.

  • Tim is due to get married in July, he's got his studies, and then he also has work to contend with. He's gonna be taking a much lesser role in the development and administration of the project due to his commitments.

  • I am between jobs at the moment, and with no fixed income and bills looming, things are not looking bright financially. I'm still suffering from the financial burdens of last year (including my car's clutch giving in which was expensive to fix), and therefore this does not bode well. I have a confirmed job, the company just is not yet ready for me (long story - mail me if you wanna know), and it's starting to get serious.

Thanks, and God bless!


RC1 is GO

hi folks,

FINALLY! i have managed to get rid of the last few bugs (that i know of) in, and i'm about to release RC1 (Release Candidate 1). i'm waiting on the documentation guys to update the help file with the few changes that there are, and then i'll release the install file.

i'm looking for someone who has delphi 7.0 (not personal) and who would like to write an importer application to import songs from one database to another. it shouldn't be too much work (probably about 5 hours max), but i don't have the time at the moment to work on it. if you'd like to help, pop me an e-mail and let me know.

well, that's all for now, thanks for your patience.


yay! finally getting somewhere...

howdy folks,

apologies to all for the silence, things have been rather hectic here in cape town, we've been having trouble with electricty, meaning that i'm 2 weeks behind at work, never mind with stuff at home. anyways, i've started grabbing an hour here and there to work on 1.0, and i'm pleased to say that it looks like i've nearly got the CCLI Song Select licked.

so once that's done, and if there aren't any other bugs that we know of, then i'm going to release RC1. unfortunately i can't give a decent estimate of when i'm going to release it, but i'll keep you updated via my blog.


let's try again...

haven't managed to get to working on this week yet... this saturday looks fairly free, so if i'm not sleeping (which is why i've left this saturday free), then i'll get on to

*sigh* too much to do, too little time to do it in...

try next week...

sorry guys, i'm not going to be able to get rc1 out until next week. i still have two bugs that i know of to fix, but i'm not going to get time this weekend to look at it. the soonest i'll next get a chance to work on it is probably monday evening.

but for now i need to get to bed. i've had a hectic week, and i'm about to have a hectic weekend.

God bless! 1.0 RC1 almost there...

ladies and gents, i have all the source code for 1.0 (thanks tim!) and have started to remove the bugs that i know of. i'm going to start a topic in the forums about bugs in beta 1 and beta 2. post your bug reports there, but please make sure they're not listed already.

hopefully i should have RC1 out by the end of next week. no promises though. things are hectic at work, and i'm leaving my current job at the end of this month (feb) to start a new one in march.

keep your eyes peeled! 1.0 beta2: an explanation

ok, some people are probably wondering a bit about this latest "release" of

i have released a prelimiary binary that i have which gets rid of that annoying powerpoint error, as well as a few other bugs. unfortunately it doesn't get rid of the big one where you can't get songs from your order of service live (though if you double-click on a song in the song list on the right, it will go live).

i'm waiting for the last few components from tim, and then i'll be working to get rid of those last few bugs. then i'll release RC1, and we can all have a good go a bashing it until it breaks.

once again, i'll take your bug reports (only, this is a release candidate, not a new version) and fix up again, and then release it again. and so on and so forth until i'm happy with it, and then we'll release the final version.

on the 2.0 side of things, i've received one or two offers of help, but i'm looking for a team of about 6 people to work on it. unfortunately i myself don't have time to do much development (with 2 courses and all my involvement at church it doesn't leave much time for other things), but i will be managing the project actively. we're using delphi 7.

please contact me at raoul[at] if you're interested in helping out.

counting eggs...

i seem to have counted my chickens before they hatched... i don't have the source for 1.0, i'm still waiting to get it from tim. as soon as i have the source code, i'll get right on to working out the last few bugs, and then i'll release RC1.