Debian and Ubuntu PPA Updated to OpenLP 2.4.2

The OpenLP project tries to bridge the gap between Linux distributions and itself by having people on the OpenLP team create and update packages for the Linux distributions. Having said that, as is usual for most established distributions, we can't actually get the packages into the repositories, we have to use a sponsor to do that for us.

Unfortunately, in the case of Debian, our sponsor has been unable until recently to look at the package for OpenLP 2.4.2. This means that Debian has been stuck at 2.4.1, and since our PPA pulls from Debian, we've been unable to update the PPA to 2.4.2.

Thankfully, this week our sponsor was able to fit some time in to review the package, and we're glad to announce that our updated package has been pushed into the Debian repositories, and pulled into our Ubuntu PPA as well. For those of you on Debian or Ubuntu or Mint, you should be able to just run an update as usual, and get the new version of OpenLP.

This only applies to Debian unstable, Ubuntu 16.04 and up, and Mint 18 and up.

[ Image Credit: package! by Beck Gusler ]


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