OpenLP 2.4 Release Candidate (version 2.3.3)

We're getting closer and closer to a release. Today we're excited to bring you our release candidate of OpenLP 2.4. If there are no major issues with version 2.3.3, we will release version 2.4 in a week or two.

OpenLP 2.4 is a short release with the main goal being upgrading OpenLP to use Qt 5. Up until now, we've been using version 4 of the GUI toolkit called Qt ("cute"). The GUI toolkit is how we display our interface.

Bugs we've fixed in this release

  • #1531319: Update the presentation display as it isn't updated on Windows when verses change

  • #1404669: KDE Plasma 5 is breaking the look of OpenLP for the Media Library

  • #1532169: Expanding or Collapsing a Song in ServiceManager raises an Exception

  • #1532938: Presenting with PowerPoint or Impress triggers traceback

  • #1533081: Importing Song DB fails

  • #1534306: Empty song-titles causes tracebacks on update from 2.0 to 2.2

  • #1535332: Startup display on second monitor hides items send live

  • #1536411: Verse order textbox jumps to end

  • #1533280: Songs with linked audio cause traceback

  • #1537212: Song book number input box - not clearing and unexpected 'Enter' action

  • #1533246: No Shortcuts work in 2.3.2 post 2.3.1 install

Known issues

  • On Windows when using transparent themes, the display will not update correctly.


The latest translations have been included so these are close to being the final version for 2.4. More help is always needed to improve the scope of our translations.


To download and test out OpenLP 2.3.3, go to the downloads page of our development website.

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[ Image Credit: Finish Line by jayneandd ]


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