ExpoSong Project Shut Down

A few days ago another open source church worship project called ExpoSong had to shut down. It seems to me that they had a very small development team and were unable to continue developing their software. ExpoSong's last release was over 2 years ago, in December 2011, and I can only presume they took a rain check as 2014 came round and decided to officially stop the project rather than leave it hanging.

It's very sad when an open source project has to shut down, but I can completely understand their position. Without time or resources to continue development, it is better to officially stop development rather than leave it open in the dwindling hopes that someone may have the time to continue at a later stage.

For those of you who have come from ExpoSong, I have put together a step-by-step guide below to show you how to easily export all your songs from ExpoSong and import them all into OpenLP.

Exporting Songs from ExpoSong and Importing Into OpenLP

First, in ExpoSong, click on File > Export > Whole Library.

Export songs from ExpoSong

Then select where you want to save your library file to.

Select Location

Once you have saved your file, open your file browser and navigate to where the file is.

Find exported file

Select the file and rename its extension from ".expo" to ".tar.gz"

Change File Extension

Now you should have a "tarball" in your directory.


Using an archive program (Windows users can use 7-zip, unzipping should be built in on Linux and OS X), extract the contents of the "tarball".

Extracted Archive

If you enter into the extracted "pres" directory, you should see all of your songs stored as ".xml" files.

Song Files

Now go into OpenLP, select File > Import > Songs and when you get to the Song Format page of the Import Wizard, select OpenLyrics. Then use the "Add Files" button to find the files you just extracted and add them to be imported.

Import into OpenLP

Follow the rest of the prompts in the wizard to finish importing your files.


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