Some General News Updates

Well, OpenLP 1.9.5 (aka 2.0 beta 1) has been out for 3 weeks, and the feedback we've been getting from folks has been positive. Thanks to more people using the beta we've picked up a few bugs we hadn't caught yet, and I think that so far we've been more productive than ever. Part of the reason is because we have a new core developer.

Welcome to Andreas

Just before the release of OpenLP 1.9.5 we welcomed Andreas on to the team of core developers. He has proven his worth a number of times already, is a very capable developer, and has even started making steps toward providing support for OpenLP in German.

Welcome Andreas, we are really glad to have you on the team!

New Manual

We also have a new reference manual for OpenLP 2.0. Two of the guys on our team have been working hard on documenting every feature in OpenLP to bring you a manual that covers literally every aspect of OpenLP. If you're good at writing, and you'd like to help out, please let us know. Neither of these guys are developers, so don't think that you need to know how to develop to write the manual.

BitTorrent Downloads

A recent addition to our downloads are torrent files for both the Windows and the Mac OS X downloads, so that you can now also download them via BitTorrent. You can find the files on the download page.


Don't forget to make sure you tell others about us! As an open source project we have no money to market OpenLP, so we rely heavily on word of mouth. If you're on some forums and the forum rules allow it, post a review about OpenLP. Let us know about it, we'd love to read what you've written.

We also have a Worldwide Usage page where you can point out that your church uses OpenLP. Oh, and remember, we're on Facebook and Twitter too.


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