**FLAG DAY** Database schema changes in trunk revision 956

Revision 956 commits code to change the database schema for the way song information is stored.  This is to fix a previous oversight with alternative titles (they work and are stored correctly now) and to add the ability to link media files to songs.

When updating to this or any later revision your old database will crash OpenLP.  To prevent this from happening:

  • Move or rename your existing database (in ~/.openlp/data/songs or ~/.local/share/openlp/songs on Linux or %APPDATA%\openlp\data\songs on Windows)

  • Open OpenLP to automatically create a database with the new schema

  • Import your old data by selecting  File -> Import -> OpenLP v2 Songs from the menu in the top left of OpenLP

  • Find your old database and click Open

  • Your data will be imported.  This may take a while with no visible progress feedback.

  • When the import is finished a message box will say this is the case.

Being able to play tracks with songs is one of the few remaining version 1 features left to implement in version 2 and this change allows us to start building that feature.


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