Post Alpha 1 changes - so far!

Following the success of alpha1 and comments in testing, a number of improvements have been added:

  • Images and bible verses can be added to existing service manager items (of the same type) by using the context menu within the plugin.

  • It is now possible to re-order and delete images within an Image service item.

  • In the latest release it is possible to add multiple songs, presentations, media and custom items to the service manager.  This can be achieved either by drag and drop or the context menu.

  • In single screen mode it is possible to turn off the main display. This would be useful setting up a service on a single screen machine.

Please note that services saved in alpha1 will not be able to be loaded by a post alpha1 build.  This is due to internal changes in the storage of the data.  I hoped that post alpha2 the format will be backward compatible.


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