New 2.0 Forums

As you may well have seen, the release date for the first 2.0 alpha has been set, and the developers are working hard to ensure the deadline is met!

Up until now we've been asking testers to post bug reports or feedback on the mailing list or IRC. However as the 2.0 feature set has become more complete and stable, more people are trying it out and posting their feedback in the forums. We've attempted to point them in the right direction, but have now come to the conclusion that we're not got going to be able to hold back the tide once the alpha is released.

Therefore new 2.0 specific forums have been created, to help separate v1.2 posts from v2.0 ones.

If you just want to discuss how great *cough* 2.0 is, need a bit of help getting it to do what you want or other general 2.0 chat, then you can use the General Discussion forum. Just don't ask us when the final version will be released, we don't know :)

If you have hit a problem with 2.0 that we don't already know about then you can post the problem in the Bug reports forum. Remember to tell us which operating system you are running, and offer as much information as you can regarding the steps leading up to the problem.

And finally if you have need of a specific feature in 2.0, and it hasn't already been suggested then post the request in the Feature requests forum. However remember that the developers are still busy getting the basic 1.2 feature set finished, and there is already a long list of additional things we'd like to do. So we might not get everything in 2.0, but we'll do what we can!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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