BugFix release coming soon...

Hi folks,

When we released openlp.org 1.0, we hinted at a bugfix release soon after, to clear up any bugs that were still in that release, and true to our word, we've been working on openlp.org 1.0.1. We got our testing team to mercilessly attempt to break openlp.org in a bid to find as many bugs as possible. And we got them...

After a few rounds of test -> fix -> test -> fix, I think we're almost done, and I'm hoping to release openlp.org 1.0.1 in about 2 weeks time.

After 1.0.1 we're going full steam ahead on version 1.1, the development version of 1.2. As we go along, we'll have a few releases (1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc) so that those who want to run a bleeding edge version of openlp.org can. For the rest of you who prefer stability and reliability, we would suggest you stick with 1.0.1 until 1.2 itself comes out.

We've also had offers from another 2 folks to help us out with 1.1, and so we're looking forward to a slightly faster development pace, although we can't make any promises.

That's all from us for the moment. In the mean time, click on the Ohloh.net button at the bottom of the left hand column of the site, and let the world know that you use openlp.org by signing up and "stacking" openlp.org!


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