about to beta again... and other stories

Hi Folks,

Apologies for the silence, things have been busy.

I have now finally finished my studies. Well, I've written the exam and I feel it went pretty well, so I'm optimistic that I've passed. I'm also doing no extra contract work at the moment, leaving me more time to devote to other things, like my fiance and

And talking of, the exciting news is that there has been some major development going on, thanks to Derek. He's had some free time recently and has been fixing some of the larger bugs. He's had a go at the PowerPoint stuff and seems to have fixed it (I know that a lot of people are going to be happy about that), and he's reworked the themes to be much more efficient and intuitive.

Now that my studies are over, I'm going to resume concentrating on the translation side of things, since that's been another much-requested feature. However we are going to release beta 4 first, to get the important fixes out there first. Then once the translation is done we're gonna release beta 5.

Beta 5 will be the last beta, and we're gonna go on to the release candidate stage after that. So please test it out and report bugs using the bug reporting forum.

On a personal note, I'm without work again. The company I'm working for is closing down their development section, and so my contract ends at the end of november. That said and done, I already have 3 interviews lined up over the next couple of days, so any prayers would be appreciated.

Well, that's all from this corner of the globe! God bless!


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