Multiple desktops in Ubuntu - 1.9.8

Since I upgraded to 1.9.8 I have a problem when I change desktops in Ubuntu.

I have multiple desktops setup - I like to have recording and other things open on another desktop while projecting.

Since upgrading to 1.9.8 when I change desktops I lose the live projection and get the 'second' screen' associated with that desktop showing on the screen. In 1.9.7 it worked perfectly (as expected) and left the live projection while changing to my next desktop. This means that I now cannot switch to my audio recording during a service unless it is on the same desktop as openLP.

Can I have the operational mode of 1.97 back again?



Dual screen with projector on second screen

Ubuntu 10.04.3 (LTS) 64 bit

Hi errol,

We are aware of this problem, although haven't yet figured out a suitable fix since what fixes this issue for some, causes different problems in other Linux distributions. There are a couple of workarounds on the bug report which may or may not help...

I tried the change screen workaround and it did not help for me. I am using Gnome classic so did not try the other workaround suggested.





The other workaround is intended for non-Unity users. It is to fool OpenLP into thinking it is running under Unity and switch on the previous functionality.

Thanks, I will give that a try and get back to you with the results.





That workaround works. (ie exporting the Unity setting)





I'm seeing this on openSUSE with KDE even when I switch to any other program. It's kinda annoying. At some point I'll try to hunt down the issue.