Bible import from Biblegateway Openlp 1.9.9 on Windows 7

You can insert the bible details for bibkle gateway which says the import has worked.

When selecting the verses it fails to download displaying the message

Pares error

There was a problem extracting your verse selection. If this problem continues to occur please consider reporting a bug.


This occurs with all english bibles I have tried at biblegateway.

This was not a problem in 1.9.8, but only since upgrading to 1.9.9

I have tried Single verses as well as ranges.


It dosent produce a dump with the error report to send in!



If bible gateway is the problem should we be building a library of these bibles and not relying on the web sites.


Any help gratefully recieved.

Hi John,

Could you please email us a debug log to: support (at)

You can find instructions here:

Once you start openlp in debug mode, recreate the error, close OpenLP, and then send the log file.


Hi John

We have a bug report for this issue.

We believe the issue may be that Bible Gateway has changed their web page format.


> If bible gateway is the problem should we be building a library of these bibles and not relying on the web sites.

There would be copy right issues. The web downloads allow OpenLP to (legally) "side step" these issues.

Copyright issues can be resolved, simply by doing the same thing sites like Bible Gateway have done.  Seek permission from the copyright holder.  There are other Worship software companies that make bibles available for download in an importable format.   That's how I got the ones I use.


In most cases, they have had to pay lots of money to license it. I know that the SWORD project offered Biblica $10,000 for the NIV, and Biblica flatly refused.

Sword is somewhat different to Openlp. Openlp is designed for projection in worship. When I aproached ibs about the TNIV, I was in a church using Songpro. I was given permission to create a TNIV (UK) for free. And told it was covered under the then current copyright agreement. Provided we didn't project or ptint on service sheets more than the set limits.

fter all we want to encourage the members of the church to buy bibles of their own

I think this is more typical, because for display your not displaying large portions, it's commonly allowed. It's also free marketing, after all, when people see the superiority of your translation, threy will immediately want to run out and buy their own copy (yeah right).