Location of data files

Hi Guys


I first looked at OpenLP at version 1.5 (I think) and I found it clumsy and slow compared to others. However, 2.0 beta is looking very good. Still a little slow, but my machine is great :)

I've tried a number of programs but have never found one that's just right. I've stuck with PowerPoint mainly because I don't have a trained operator, and the remote control doesn't work with most programs - except OpenLP

But there is one featured I need - I often prepare my worship services on a different machine than I present them. I use Windows Live Mesh to keep my "Songs" folders in sync. I need to be able to define the data folder for my presentation software. Could this be added to OpenLP


(I realise it may not come in 2.0, but it may be the clincher for me moving over when it does)


Thanks for the good work.



Being able to set the data folder is coming in a future version. However you might be able to link to the current data folder from within the folder that is currently syncing. I do this with Dropbox on Windows 7.

This link might help: http://www.howtogeek.com/112141/how-to-sync-external-folders-with-your-skydrive/

I have 1.9.9 (2.0) still no data folder set ability, this would be a great feature since we use several computers to view(worship leader at home), create(me at home), present(me at church) Our church has a ftp site to store common data, is there a way to make this work.

I know OpenLP uses C:\Users\*****\AppData\Roaming\openlp\data, could this be done by nodifying a registry key to point to a mapped folder(Explorer) on the ftp site. Keep in mind that the worship leader uses a Mac :-(

Aside from being completely insecure, FTP is possibly the worst protocol ever created. What a number of folks on the forums do is use an online service like Dropbox. At my church we too have a shared Dropbox folder and all our data goes in there.

Oh, and OS X has symlinks. Apparently Windows finally has something similar.

In the same league as Dropbox and the other sync services you might also want to look at OwnCloud if you want to have total control over your data. It provides the same fucntionality and you can set up different "syncs" for different uses and groups. Could be very handy for your OpenLP data, and other data.