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Shortcuts for the Live Controller (Video)

Hello folks,

Time for a new feature, time for a new blog post...

I just added special shortcut support to the Live Controller to OpenLP. This allows you to navigate through and jump between your slides in the Live Controller using only your keyboard. This works for any type of slide, e. g. songs, bible verses and images.

Support in other languages

Three weeks ago we released our first beta of OpenLP 2.0, and as usage of OpenLP becomes more widespread we have decided that it is a good time to make some changes to the way we provide support.

Up until now we have only provided support in English due to most of the project team being English. In light of this, we have created some new forums for support in German, Spanish and French. We'd also like to offer e-mail support in these languages.

First Beta Release of OpenLP 2

Hello folks,

We are happy to announce the release of our first beta aka Maverick Micah. We have put a lot of effort into this release, squashing bugs, adding new features, and enhancing existing features, to make this the best release yet.