problems running app

I am new to mac and still figuring somethings out.  I have been able to download openlp, but I am having trouble figuring out how to run it.  At this point I have a folder of the files.  Im not sure if I need to download something else first or what I need to do to have it up and running. v1.2 is a Windows application, so isn't natively supported on a Mac.

You could try running it under the Wine Windows emulation program, but I don't know how well it will run as I'm not a Mac user. Also the fact that you have a folder of files makes me wonder if you downloaded the source code zip file rather than the exe?

OpenLP v2 which is still in development will run under Mac, but we're still several months away from releasing this. If you want to help test this, then check out our Wiki but be aware that it still has missing functionality and contains bugs.