Importing song database with Vista

I needed to import the song database songs.olp from our old computer with windows XP - which just died - to a new one running Vista. The latest stable version(1.1) was downloaded and installed without incident.  

I then located my last backup of the Songs.olp database (vintage June 2008- moral - do regular backups in future!) Then I spent happy hours trying to find how and where to copy it. 

A search of my C: drive for songs.olp and *.olp located only the backup copy on my desktop.  I could not locate where this version of OpenLP stores the data in Vista. Eventually I did an advanced search and the penny dropped.  My new Vista powered laptop came with certain files hidden by default - this includes the folder where data for programs is kept. (Do a search in Help for "show hidden files") Earlier versions of Windows used to hide files by default, I had just forgotten this and had no need to know this until now.  I suppose this is meant to stop people messing with things they don't understand (Like computers for instance)

I found the missing song.olp file under C:/ProgramData/

If your copy of songs.olp was created by a recent version of OpenLP I think all you have to do is copy your version into the above folder, it will then overwrite the original smaller and newer version with your version of the database.

However older versions of OpenLP used a different database structure. If you are importing an older database you will need to download and install the OpenLP songs importer software at the bottom of the Downloads section. This converts the old datbase format to work with newer versions of openlp.

I hope I have got all this right. Maybe someone could correct this if need be.

Thanks to all you hardworking people who have made all this possible, and provided such a useful bit of kit for us to use. 

Hey David, thanks for this tip! It's really useful even to me, since I don't have Windows Vista.