Copyright info not displaying

I don't know if this is a bug, so I'll start here. We have been adding some songs to Openlp (1.9.5) and for the first few songs everything seemed to work OK and the copyright info displays fine.

Lately the copyright info has not displayed for new songs. I'm sure that it is added to the song, and if I go to 'edit', I can find the info there. But there's nothing on the slide, and so not on the screen.

We want to keep things legal, but don't know how to fix this.

Any suggestions would be great.



Are you sure the "footer" in your theme hasn't been moved or changed?

Well, we're a bit confused here. We haven't changed anything, but now the copyright info seems to be displaying on songs we are adding to the system. Strangely, songs that were added in recent weeks will not display the info, even though it is definitely there.



Warburton Presbyterian Church

And then this week the copyright information isn't there again. I'm so confused.



Warburton Presbyterian Church

Thanks for the thought Raoul, but I would say not. Regardless of the theme, some songs have the copyright/CCLI info, and some don't.

If it is a bug, I have no idea where to look for the answer.

We're using Windows 7 and OpenLp 1.9.5.

THanks for any other thoughts.


Warburton Presbyterian Church

So just to check:

You have say two songs, both with Copyright information on them.

Without changing the theme, or restarting OpenLP, one song will show the copyright information, and the other won't?

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I think I've found the answer to my problem.

When we add a song, if we don't add the CCLI number for that song, nothign is displayed. If we do put something in there, then it is discplayed.

So, how can we get around that if we don't have a CCLI number for that song?



Hi Brian,

I don't have a CCLI number on any of my songs, and the copyright displays fine. 

Have you upgraded to 1.9.9 to see if this solves the problem? If it still doesn't work on 1.9.9, please could you email support (at) and attach an export of a song which doesn't work and an export of the theme. Detail what the problem is, which operating system you have and the resolution of your display monitor.


Hi Brian,

It looks this has already been fixed:

It will be in version 1.9.10 which should be released at the end of next month. If you dont want to wait until then, you can download the nightly build from the download page under the heading "Developer Downloads". Take note of the warnings if you decide to take the second course of action.

Once you have upgraded, you will need to reindex your songs. Do this by from the tools menu by clicking re-index songs.