Can't get text to change color

Need some help.  I go to options, settings, then slide settings.  I click on font color and try to change it from white to yellow or any other color.  I clidk OK and then go back to the program.  The font color never changes.  Is there something I am doing wrong or is there another place to change the font color?  A couple of backgrounds with the American flag would show the font better if I could get away from white.

Just didn't know if it was just me and I was missing something.

Thanks in Advance for any and all help.

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Al in TX, USA

The font colour you're changing is for the Alert Message text (I.e. the nursery alerts you get when you use the Slide -> Alert menu)

To change the lyrics font, edit the relevant Theme, click Next to go to the Font page, and there you can change the font colour.