Problem on deleting missing images

Hi... I installed version 1.9.5+r1471 on my notebook running Ubuntu 10.04. I added many images (about 200) from my picture folder. Incidentally my brother deleted that folder and couldn't be restored. When I launched OpenLP and opened Image Manager, it told me (by a bold red X symbol) that all images I'd added was missing. When I selected image namelists, say N names, an info dialog box told me that the N image(s) was gone. That's OK. But when I pressed Del button in order to remove them, the dialog box appeared repeatedly everytime OpenLP removed an image name. So, I got this N times! How painful... I hope this can be fixed. At least, there is a choice to remove missing images, or OpenLP can remove the missing namelist automatically.

Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into it.