Performance issue and Application testing

Hi team!

I've downloaded the last developer build and found it is really slow on computer with 1Gb RAM os Win XP and 2 GHz Athlon processor.

I understand the developer's weekly build is can contain some performance issues, but I'm interesting about general approach to testing of OpenLP in general and performance testing.

As a professional QA engineer I do understand what is application testing and though unit testing can be very useful, integration testing and system testing is also necessary.

From this viewpoint does the performance of the product at the present time reflects its framework's problem (i.e. Python productivity problem) and is there any ways to speed-up it, or it's just not-finished and not-optimal some modules?

One issue is the framework/python loading the modules into memory as it initialises various areas of the program on startup.  A second issue I know about is the way we deal with populating the songs module (reimport your database a few times to get about 1500-2000 songs and see how long various things take!)

As always with bottlenecks/performance claims though we need to profile and actually work out what is taking time and could be optimised - without data we could just bark up the wrong trees.

If someone is experienced in QA and has time they would be willing to spend on this then I would welcome it.

On a reasonably fast PC running XP Pro, SP3 with 3Gb of memory, and 1Tb of disks I find the biggest performance issue is the time to start.

A couple of things with V1.9.4.  One is the worst case starrt time can be several minutes,  the circular logo sitting on top of everything so I can't get on with other tasks until openlp is up and running.  This is a bit frustrating.

The second is the variability in start times - most of the time taking a couple of minutes, but sometimes it will be quite rapid, and others very slow.


These situations aren't too bad during the test and development phase, but I would hope something can be done about them when the release/production pahse is reached.  I suspect some of this may be the loading of trace and debugging tools that are incorporated during this phase of the project that won't be needed in the release/production versions.

Startup time and performance bothers me as well, so Superfly gave me this link, unfortunately fixing it is over my head right now:


There is an option in the settings so that the logo is not shown on start up!



On Windows 7x64 w/ 4 gigs of ram and a 512mb Vid card Athlon x2 3.0 processor, I get a reasonable start time on it every time.  Bit slow on the 2.0 Intel's @ Church and the Celeron in the youth room tho.

On Windows 7x64 w/ 4 gigs of ram and a 512mb Vid card Athlon x2 3.0 processor, I get a reasonable start time on it every time.  Bit slow on the 2.0 Intel's @ Church and the Celeron in the youth room tho.

Thanks Phil,

I've just tried it to see if it has any impact on the start speed (I've known sillier things in the past...).


Five starts with the flash screen on, average 2:43, scatter 2sec (excluding first start which was way over four minutes - I went and brewed up I got so bored of waiting)

Three starts with flash screen off, average 2:42, scatter 2sec - nothing in it.

I was wandering if the pre-loading of Powerpoint was a contributor, but it loads in a few seconds on this PC, so I think that's a binnable thought.


I've just tried the same on another PC, which has only a couple of songs and no Bibles in its database, and the load times are significantly shorter, like first start is just about a minute, and subsequent starts are about 20-30sec.  (The first PC has about 2000 songs and three bibles in the database).  Both PCs are similar performance in terms of processor speed, memory and disks, if anything the one that's faster to start openlp is the slower PC...

These observations are pointing towards the startup delays being in the way the database is being loaded or cached?


(Both running windows XP sp3, 32 bit, both have 3Gb RAM)


When talking about performance, I recommend to use the latest nighly build, as there was a small fix which should speed up the start up a bit. However, I cannot say how great the impact will be (as this may vary from computer to computer).

As bobsmith already did, please try to start openlp without songs. When you use the latest nightly build, then go to "Tools -> Open Data Folder". Then rename the "songs" folder to "songs2" or "song_backup" or whatever you like. Start openlp a few times and tell me if that speeded up the start up.



Using right now OpenLP 1.9.5

When I start OpenLP using Windows XP 32bit SP3, it opens after a couple of seconds, and thats a great performance

But when I run OpenLP using Windows 7 32bit SP1, as previously reported, it takes longer to load [usually around a minute or a little bit more]

The situation here is that the Windows 7 box is the one used at church, and it would be fantastic to have the WinXP performance under Win7


1) Please install the latest nightly build. Does it run faster?

2) If it does not run faster, could you please follow the instructions on this page. If you do not have a wiki account you can post the information here (BUT PLEASE do not just past it, instead format it a bit, so that it's easier for us to transfer it to the wiki).

Thank you

I'll give a try to the latest nightly build and keep informed behaviour

BTW, when using OpenLP 1.2.9 under Win7 (at same described PC), it works super smooth

I've just re-run the tests I did a few weeks ago, this time with version 1.9.5 build 1482.

The first start after a reboot is still painfully slow, several minutes.

Subsequent starts are quicker, but still in order of a 75-110 seconds (much bigger spread than previous).  These tests were only done on the PC with the large number of songs as the other one is in the midst of a big simulation run that will take a few more days to complete.

Generally the feeling is "less sticky" - things happen a bit more smoothly than earlier versions (1.9.3/4), but still not as snappy as v1.2.9.

Bob, it would be really helpful to us if you could post the information to the wiki as per googol's reply yesterday. Thanks!


I tried at the time the latest nightly build (1.9.5 build 1486), renamed Data folder so OpenLP cuold run without songs or bibles, but same results, slow startup (1 min 40 sec) -or at least that seems to me like a slow startup-

My data is as follows:

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional Edition SP1 32bit
CPU: Intel Core i7-920 2.696GHz (w/ 4 cores)
RAM: 4GB (2 modules of 2GB) PC3 10600 DDR3 SDRAM UDIMM
Graphics card: nVIDIA GeFOrce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
Loading time: 1 min 40 sec

Log file:

Thank you

Hello pequenabelen,

Thank you for feedback, you are actually the first one who did what we ask to do. (Running this test)

Anyway, it seemed, that you have not enabled the splash screen, or did you? (I don't mean the one on the live screen) Could you run the test again with the splash screen enabled, please. (You need to stop the time when the splash on the primary (not live) screen disappears).




You're correct, yesterday I ran the test with the splash screen disabled.

Tried again minutes ago with it enabled and it lasted for 1 min and 35 sec



Hello pequenabelen, Actually you should have posted a new debug log. Would be good if you could do so. Anyway, I have put your data in the wiki. Cheers

Sorry about that

Here it is:

Log file -splash screen enabled- :


Do you consider feasible to try with the most recent nightly build (currently 1.9.5-1492) and give it a chance or to stick with the tests I've made with the build 1486 and keep just expectating for further improvements related to the slow startup issue I've been experiencing?



The nightly builds will not have speed increases in each and every release, because we are not just working on speed increases.

Sorry, I tried not to make an uncomfortable day at OpenLP  

And of course, I know there's a lot of pending tasks in such a great project as OpenLP

Thanks for everything

And keep going onward

I think tonight's build will have a couple of slight performance improvements.


Last Sunday we tried live version 1.9.5 build 1507 at church and it showed up a remarkable improvement, taking only 20 seconds to load (the app window), plus 20-25 seconds before the main menu (despite viewable, not clickable during this period) can be available.

After this, it made a very good job (with no annoyances at all. By the way, we used only -being the usual through time- the songs and bibles sections)


I'd like to mention something I've noticed, that is since we've been using OpenLP 2 Beta

At church sometimes we run several apps simultaneously -OpenLP included- to be displayed with our projector (of course, displaying one at a time), but there's a little difference with OpenLp 1.2x.

Currently (2.0 beta), when using OpenLP seems like the output is 'Always on top' mode, even when the application it's not the current active window, so, for example, if I'm running OpenLP and I want to project lets say a Excel file or display a text with notepad, we still see the OpenLP output with the projector

With OpenLP 1.2x, when running, then opened another app, the active windows was the one we could see with the projector

Right now, to be able to see different apps I need to close OpenLP 2 beta, and run it again if needed to display songs lyrics (usually it is frecuent)



Yes the behaviour of 1.2 and 2.x is different (for technical reasons).

But you do not need to close OpenLP, just hide the output by using the Blank to Desktop option in the live controller (see the documentation for this).