Importing Zionworx 2.6 Database to OpenLP 2.0

Hi, I saw the post about converting to version 1.9.3, but it seems OpenLP 2.0 is very different.
Could someone help me convert from ZionWorx 2.6 to OpenLP 2.0?

I got the CSV file using the other thread, and the first sqlite statement executes fine (when converted).

But the second line:

INSERT INTO songs (songtitle, lyrics, copyrightinfo, settingsid) 
SELECT Field2, Field4, Field6, authors.authorid
FROM import, authors
WHERE import.Field5 = authors.authorname;

That I converted to 

INSERT INTO songs (title, lyrics, copyright,song_book_id)
SELECT Field2, Field4, Field6,
FROM import, authors
WHERE import.Field5 = authors.display_name;

does not execute.

Any ideas? Help?