Video background loops on song slides

I don't know if this has already been requested or if this is a current feature (I couldn't figure out how to make it work) but it would be awesome if we could set the background slide to be a looping video of some sort. This is what the competitors have (mediashout etc).


It's already possible, as a background replacement, but not as a theme option yet.  However, that said, thus far it's not perfect.  The video is a little choppy, not smooth, when it's set as a background.

Background Replacement - How do you achieve this?

Video Loop backgrounds are what I'd need to switch back from Easyworship to OpenLP.

We used OpenLP for a number of years but switched to Easyworship about 2 years ago.  The main reason was issues with video playback, the old version was a bit inconsistent and we'd had a number of embarrassing situations where video did not display.  The use of VLC in the new OpenLP encourages me greatly and I imagine it would be better than what is in Easyworship (ie. play everything you throw at it).

The church has got used to Video Loop backgrounds so I couldn't switch back without this feature.  Visualizations from the mic or line-in would be even better. 



Sorry, I can see how this is suposed to be done now but it does not play the video on my setup for some reason, just get a black screen.  The replace video background is not working but normal playback is not and no option for looping available.

You might need to download all the video codec to be able to play. I found WMV is somewhat easier to play than AVI or MP4.  AVI and MP4 are better resolution obviously.  Good luck.