Theme search

We have a lot of themes in our theme manager and it would be helpful if there was a way to search for those themes. I would like to search for themes when adding a song, in the song editor. It would also be helpful if the themes had a section to add tags. Apart from the title, there is no other way for me to identify what a theme that I might have and what it could be used for. In the tags section, if the theme is for Christmas and it has a tree in snow, I can tag it as "Christmas, tree, snow." Then when I add a new Christmas song I could type in "Christmas" in the theme search feature and all the themes with the Christmas tag will appear, If I want to add song with a snowy theme in it, then I would just search for "snow" and all the themes with the tag snow will appear.

This would really help in managing all the themes that we have.





Has anything been done for this?  Or is there a plan to?

I have a similar situation where we have a big list of backgrounds we like to use.  Would be nice to be able to group them in some sort of folder list/tree.  We have been using Zionworx and you can make subfolders and group backgrounds that way.  Would be nice to be able to catagorize the backgrounds with keywords and have them searchable like described above or to put under multiple catagories.