Song number search

When entering a new song, or editing an existing one, the edit screens include one to enter the song book and number, unfortuantly there is no way of searching for a song using this information.  It would be useful to be able to do this as there are a number of songs with similar, or identical, titles and first lines, which can lead to some confusion as the music group might choose one, the persons opearting the projector another, but the leader actually wanted a third.


I agree!  There should be a way to search the audio files as well as the music or lyrics files.  It would be extremely helpful!

A question for Denisemcfa about searching music

- Are you thinking about "Have we got the musci for this song", or "Have we got this particular named bit of music".

I know some songs (particulary older hymns) have sevarl different tunes, and some tunes are used for different songs.

Then of course there's the "Is this tune in a particular key", or "What key is this tune in" questions.  Some song books are more help than others in providing this information as addtional indecies so it might be "hard" information to add.  And would probably need (yet another) database restructuring as well as input and output forms...

Many of the AUDIO SONGS I have loaded are in numerical order.  Finding the title I want to ATTACH or ADD to the song lyrics is difficult.  Can there be a numerical search for the Audio songs as well?  DeniseMcFa