Reload song on double click

One thing that used to exist in v1 that doesn't in 2 is when you double click on a song in the service it would reload the song.  I use it when I have the screen blanked and I switch songs, but may have forgotten to switch backgrounds.  Double clicking on the background switches the default background, but I have to switch to a different song and then switch back to get it to show up.

Small annoyance, but would be nice if it worked.


This is a known issue. It might have been fixed in trunk, but I'm not sure.

Alright, I have committed a fix to a local branch of mine, so this issue should be resolved in the next release.

I've tried to make it intelligent, however. If you double-click on a slide within the current item, it won't change the theme, but if you double-click on the item itself, it will change the theme. This is just so that you don't accidentally change the theme halfway through a song.

That sounds perfect.  Looking forward to seeing it.