Printing a list of the Songs in Openlp

I have just been asked to produce a list of all the Songs in our Database, in Version 1.2.6 I can use the SQLite script created to do this but there doesnt seem to be a facility to do this in Version 1.9.4. The usage tracking helps but sometimes a worship leader will choose a song we havent sung for years and then it can be a frantic session of typing before the service starts, and I would love to give them a list of all the songs we have, either by Title, or by Title and First verse, so they can be sure to choose the right song or provide the words in advance so they can be imported.

Is this possible?


Sorry Steve, there is currently no such feature in V2.0. This is something that I have spent some thought on developing, but I havn't got much time at the moment. When i do get time I will have a look, but it may be too late to get it in it may be too late to get it in to v2.0 (I'm assuming that there will be a feature freeze between Beta 1 and final release of V2)


Sorry this isn't any help!

Order of Service printing has recently been added to the latest development version. So there may be a workaround of adding all your songs to the order of service, and then printing this... Not sure how quickly it would perform!

In the future we may be able to extend the print service functionality to produce a song database listing.

Printing the order of worship, with the lyrics would be a good addition too.