Background Image never fills the entire slide

I added a new slide background using an image that is 1280x1024.  I then loaded the slide and their are black bars on the left and right.  I then set my second display resolution to 1024x768 and it still has black bars.  How do I get it to fill up the screen?


Make it the same size or same ratio as your output screen. 1024x768 = 1.33, 1280x1024 = 1.25.

I'll try again, but I believe I have done 1280x1024 resolution with a 1280x1024 background.

It seems I didn't really check it. Matching it exactly fixed the issue.

Great, glad you got it worked out.

Request: Is it possible to implement this feature on the upcoming version? A feature that allows "Fit to screen" or "Strech" like what Windows have when putting up a wallpaper.


r4ym4n, if you've got a feature request it's best to start a new topic explicitly about that, rather than tacking it onto and old post where it will get 'buried'

At present, OpenLP already uses what Windows calls "Fit" (fit image to height or width of screen and pad sides with color set in Settings > Configure OpenLP > Images)

What value do you think a "Stretch" option would have? It distorts the image - exactly what I'm always tyring to get our PowerPoint operators NOT to do! (we're trying to migrate to OpenLP soon)

Two other Windows options, "Fill" and "Centre" could have value, but they're probably not high priority features. See here for definitions: