Alternate Title not available in v1.2.9

I've been using the alternate title for some time now to include additional information e.g. "(Favourite)" so that I can search to show only favourites.  However, now I cannot search as there is no option to search in "All" of the song, just lyrics, author and title, but the title option does not search the alternate title.  Also, when I edit the song, the alternate title is not visible and cannot be edited.

Has there been a permanent decision to drop the alternate title?  If not, can it be included in searches?

Thanks, JD


Alternate Title is only available in the 2.x code base to cover songs which have more than 1 title.  Are you sure you are using 1.2.9?

Sorry, my mistake.  I downloaded what I thought was the latest weekly build, but it was in fact the latest stable release.  I thought that is looked quite different when I tried it out yesterday!  I've downloaded the latest weekly build now, and it's all as it was before, and I can search for "(fav" again in the alternate titles.