VLC Working, but can't get movie to play via web interface or Android app

I'm using one of the latest nightly builds and the VLC player is working great . . . well, except for one issue, the player won't just start playing from the web interface controller or Android app.  I had to run over to the presentation laptop and hit the play button to get the video to actually play.  The theme background came up, but nothing on the video until I actually hit the button.  Any suggestions on that?

It might actually also be related . . . but when I have a series of JPG images that I want to loop over, I can't get them to automatically loop/play from the web/android controllers.  I have to turn the loop mode on manually.  Ideas there?

Hi HeartlandTechie,

I've added bug report for the video: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp/+bug/952821

Regarding the looping, the remotes currently only have a small subset of the available functionality in the desktop app, and looping is one of the features we haven't developed yet. Hopefully over time we will increase the facilities available on the remote apps. For now all you can do is manually advance through the slides.