OpenLP 1.9.8 crash


I've installed OpenLP 1.9.8, but can not run it. Everytime I try, Windows brings up a window saying that the program has stopped working, that it is looking for a solution, and then that there is no solution and that Windows will close the application.

I can install OpenLP 1.9.7 and everything works, except my songs (already in 1.9.8 format).

My system:

32bit Windows 7 Home Basic SP1

2.53GHz, 4Gb ram, 500Gb hdd


Please help!

We need to use OpenLP tomorrow evening


Thanks in advance

Kind regards,


Hi DjBoer,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Could you start OpenLP in debug mode, and then email the log file to:

To do this on the start menu select OpenLP (debug). Once OpenLP has attempted to start, press "windows button + r" type "%appdata%\openlp" the file should be called openlp.log