Minor Issues

I've just downloaded the latest for windows and encountered the following issues:

  • When using only one screen (primary) I would display full screen when I go live in previous releases. This feature seems to have been removed.
  • Custom slide seems to be hiding some wordings. e.g If you have a long paragraph it will indicate that it has been split into several; yet during display, some words become hiden.
  • I've tried to configure space bar for next service in live but it is not working. There is a time it worked in your prvious release.

I'm using windows 7. Be blessed.

  1. Go into Settings -> Configure OpenLP and make sure you have "Display on single screen" checked
  2. Can you show us an example?
  3. Not sure about this one. I'll have to test it out.

  Open the application, click on 'Settings' then 'Configure OpenLP'. Under General tab, make sure that you have selected PRIMARY monitor for output. You can check 'Display if a single screen'. You should see a full screen when you go-live and if you don't, I would check your video resolution (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Change-your-screen-resolution).


The hidden words that you talk about is also indicative of a screen resolution issue. I am not sure what size of monitor that you are using and since you only have ONE display, if you are using a switch or something to output to a projector?!? It would help to know more about your setup.


The last item about the spacebar should be resolved by clicking on Settings, Customize Shortcuts. Scroll down to LIVE TOOLBAR then make the change to 'Next Service' to be the spacebar. To do this, highlight Next Service, tick the CUSTOM option then left-click in one of the long bar-like buttons with the wrench icon in them. Hit your spacebar and you should see the wrench change to 'spacebar'. Click OK and when you want to go to the next item in your service list, you should just hit the spacebar. Is this what you are wanting?


On a side note, if you find that you can't see video but you can hear it, make sure that you have the codecs for the file (MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, etc) first. I have installed the Combined Community Codec Pack (free) from http://www.cccp-project.net/ to solve most of my codec problems. You MUST reboot after installing for changes to take effect. If you still don't have video, then check your Windows Media Player version. Personally, I have found that WMP9 works best on OpenLP but I am not sure why. So, if you have version 11, you might want to uninstall it which will roll it back to v9.


Keep in mind that I am not an expert on OpenLP nor a developer, but I have been troubleshooting 1.9.6 ever since it came out in regard to the buggy video issues.


Hope this helps. Good luck, brother. 


Todd Jachimiak, Coastal NC

1.I've realized that my problem was caused by"blank screen". Thanks.

2. I'm trying to paste a picture of my screen in vain. However, if you can copy a slightly large paragraph into a new custom slide and let it create the slides by itself then display, you will find out that whatever is being displayed is not exactly the same as that on the slides. The display will have slightly fewer words.Thanks.