Audio but no Video in Windows XP

I saw a thread about this, but have not been able to find any updated information.

I have two laptops running Windows.  One is Windows 7 Professional and the other is XP Pro.  Both have the most current version of OpenLP Presentation Software.

The problem:

Windows 7 Machine has no problem playing videos seemlessly, but when I try to play the same videos in the XP machine, I get Audio and no Video.  The only thing that appears on the second screen is the Default Background.

I have tried the various fixes I have seen here such as downloading K-Lite and Enabling and then Disabling Phonon.

I do not understand why the videos play fine in the Windows 7 machine, but no the XP when both are using Media Player 11.

Is there a setting that I am missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi hennonb. The media plugin has been rewritten, and will be in the next release 1.9.8 which is planned for Christmas day. It should allow for more flexability for using other backends such as vlc.

Hi hennonb,

I don't use Windows myself, but from what a number of Windows users have told me, video on Windows is a hit and miss affair. As phill mentioned we have rewritten the way we include videos into OpenLP, and as of version 1.9.9 (not 1.9.8 as might have been inferred from phill's comment), if you have VLC installed, you should be able to use that to play videos in OpenLP.

Thank you!