Song 'Authors' corrupted

I have only just discovered that a lot of the song author information seems to be corrupted.  I have deleted all songs and re-imported again from the original 'Words of Worship' songs, but the corruption remains.  Presumably this means the 'Words of Worship' importer is faulty.  I am currently using OpenLP 1.9.8 on Windows XP Pro SP 3.

When I open the 'Song Maintenance' > 'Authors' window, some (40+) of the Authors show as a date, part of the copyright message, or gibberish.  Some authors even show as a single character.  If I try deleting a single character author, it says a song is using it and can't be deleted.

Before re-importing the original 'Words of Worship' songs, I tried exporting all the songs from OpenLP but it brings up errors on songs with corrupted author information, and fails to complete the export.

What do I have to do to get it all working please.  I can supply a ZIP file of all the original 'Words of Worship' files if required.



Hi Bernard,

Please e-mail your zip file to support[at] and someone will have a look and see what they can do.

Hi Bernard, I'm presuming that you noticed that the authors were corrupted after the upgrade to 1.9.8.? When you upgraded, did you retain the song data base from the previous version, or import the songs again? Raoul, can you forward me the zip file, and I'll take a look, I have a possible idea! I'll check it against our Words of Worship database. With version 1.9.8.

I apologise for the lack of new lines, apparently these are not preserved somewhere between my phone and the forum!

I have emailed a zip file of our Words of Worship songs to support as requested.

I noticed the authors were corrupted in OpenLP 1.9.7 when I was trying to do an export of songs prior to upgrading to 1.9.8 but it didn't work!

When I upgraded to 1.9.8 I retained the song database from the earlier version.  As the authors were still not correct, I then deleted all the songs and re-imported from my original Words of Worship songs.  The problem remains however.