Separate "Blank to" button


1st I would like to say thanks for all the hard work on this great software.  Things are looking great.  Having dabble in code writing I know how much time it can eat up trying to fix/change things.

I have a change request.  On the Live section you have the button for "Blank to" Black, Theme, Desktop.  But these are all in one button.  I'm sure if you use it long enough you get pretty good at selecting the one you want.  But it would be nice if these were seperated out into multiple buttons.  Have them mutually exclusive so if one is pressed it you "un prees" the active one and show the pressed one active.  If you press the active one it would unblank and show live screen.

Thanks again for all the great work.



Hello HenneyB,

We already had this request and we decided not to change this back. We merged the icons because we did not want to "waste" too much space. If you are using a low screen resolution this can be problem.

Did you know that you can use shotcuts to change the current status as well?

Maybe that makes it more comfortable for you...



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