Retaining theme upon song edit

When I have a theme assigned a song in the service manager, and then I edit that song. When I save it, the theme is lost and the song's theme reverts to the default global theme. This causes me to have to do a lot of redundant work, reassigning themes if we need to adjust one word of the lyrics.

I would love to see the song theme retained when it is edited.


I just checked, and I can verify the same issue. I've filed a bug report:

This might not help you, but are you aware you can permanently set a theme for a song? In the song editor, on the third tab, you can select a theme for the song. I realse that's probably not what you're after, it sounds like you just want to assign a different theme for the particular service?

Also, what OS are you using? I'm on win7.

Believe it or not, the devs have already fixed this