OpenSong Import

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the great piece of software.

I am trying to import a fairly large library of songs from OpenSong and have used the openlp built-in OpenSong importer.  Generally the songs import fine, except that the verse order, which is in the "presentation" field of OpenSong, doesn't come in to openlp.  If necessary I can go and edit each song within openlp but it would be quite a lengthy task.  Is there anything I may have missed or would it be an easy fix?




The verse order should import, but there are some limitations. OpenLP has a more rigid verse order system than OpenSong, so the importer tries to map OpenSong verse types to OpenLP verse types, and if it does not succed, then it names them "Other".

What sort of verse ordering do you have in those few songs that are not importing properly?

Raoul, Thanks for getting back to me.  I think my verse ordering is fairly straight forward, (just 1,2,3,...,C,B and the odd E) and it affects all songs not just a few.  However, as you indicated that the verse order should import, I have gone back and looked at the format I have in OpenSong and believe I have discovered the issue.  Basically my original source of the songs is SongPro and I converted the SongPro file into OpenSong using Jonathan Corwins VBScript "openlpSongPro".  It looks like when the verse order is brought into OpenSong the verse numbers/chrous are a continuous string and not separated by spaces.  I have tried correcting this for a couple of songs and these have imported OK.  Can you think of an easy way to do this for a large number of files.  I could have a go at modifying the VBscipt although I might be pushing the limits of my ability!



I'd say that modifying the VBscript is probably your best bet. I can't say I'd know what to do either. I'll try to catch Jonathan, and see if he can update it.