New media rewrite great


Don't know if these posts are useful but I figured you usually only hear about the problems. The new media rewrite works great. I love the ability to turn off black screen from within the video. The timeline works great as well. Also some video files I was having problems with under the old system worked flawlessly under the new. Great.

One minor request is it possible to have the black screen or background up but to still keep playing the video file so we hear the audio but don't see the video? (This is minor their being obvious workarounds like using another player, like vlc to do this.)

Thanks. Great work.



It's really nice to hear that you find OpenLP useful. Thank you for using it!

About the blanking of video with sound only. I personally have never needed such a thing and you already have a obvious workaround. In fact, such a feature may even be confusing and unwanted by many not so computer literate users.