More features for Remote

Hi, this is the first post for me, we,re a small church, without a lot of recources, and we love this software.  I just got a new tablet an tryed the remote feature it is great but I was wondering if more features could be put into it?

It would be nice if I could have access to the song and Bible data bases on the remote, our services are never set in stone.

Thanks for the great software, and may God Bless each and every one of you that are on the development team.


sbridenthal, I'm glad you like it. The dev team are doing a great job aren't they! The remote feature is very new, but I believe the features you mention have already been slated, so keep checking back over the next few months :-)


Currently you cannot do searches with the android app. But you can do seaches with remote (via web browser).



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Yes this program is awesome!  I had to retype about 300 songs because they would not transfer, but it was well worth the effort :-)).  Like I had previously stated our church doesn't have a lot of resources, we use electronic displays rather than projectors, we were many years getting what we have, most of it came from the local college, and I had to modify that, but we are certainly blessed being able to use this program.

I don't know who all the developers are, but they are doing a great job, and if I could I would thank each and every one of them personally.

googol is one of them ^^