Make Impress available

I installed openlp on a ubuntu system without Impress (Libre Office) installed.  I have now installed Libre Office Impress, but openlp does not seem to notice this.  Is there a way to change openlp's config to enable Impresss.

I'm on the latest dev build (1854).


Best Regards,


Chris MacIntosh-Dixon


Hello Chris,

Please check  here to see if Impress is available and you can turn it on.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

All the controllers are unavailable.  I think this might be because they weren't installed when I installed openlp.  My question is:  Is there a way to manually enable them (config file or database string)?



No, OpenLP detects LibreOffice on startup. Just open up either Synaptic, or a command line APT program, and check to see if you have the "python-uno" package installed. It's usually installed by default on Ubuntu, but if you didn't have LibreOffice installed, that might not be installed either. The bridge between Python and LibreOffice which OpenLP uses is contained in that package.

$ apt-cache search python-uno