Feature Request: Sheet Music / PDF support



It would be nice if one could use/project sheet mucis files (Musescore, Sibbelius, Finale, etc) and/or PDFs for the band, choir, orchestra, etc. Something similar to "The Paperless Hymnal" (http://www.paperlesshymnal.com/CN/index.html)




Hello DJBoer,

these features are already requested. PDF support for the presentations plugin was once implemented, but lies idle since long time as there were some problems with packaging it into the Windows installer. But it is not unlikely, that these problems can be resolved when someone looks in it once again.

The support for musical score notation is requested as well. But it has a low priority, as it is expected to require a lot of work while there is low demand and no developer has some personal priority on this point. This, of cause, might change. For example in case that CCLI SongSelect starts to provide score sheets in a apropriate format, so that such a feature can be easily used by a many users.

The beta version of the new Song Select site allows downloads of all the music in PDF as does the already in production mobile song select site.

Hmm, I don't find other PDF sources than already available on the old portal. This ones are layouted for sheet music. What would be reeded are slides, which are designed to show over a digital projector. Otherwise the text is too small for this purpose.

According to PDF btw: I've looked a bit arround. I think the best soultion would be to use MuPDF libraries. Beside tha fact, that they are ultra fast and highest quality they should be easy to package and they support XPS documents as well. I looked into it, and I think I can provide some python bindings. The only limitation is, that the API is not yet stabile, and I've still some troubles with creating shared libs. I've talked to the devs and I think it makes sense to wait a bit until v1.0 is out, and shared lib building is provided bu MuPDF guys.