Custom Slides

We are using the Custom slides a lot in our services and it is really useful for Liturgy. Normally we prepare a service remotely bringing the service file on a USB stick, this works great on the importing of songs but doesnt work for Custom slides, which we have to reinput or input locally to get the splits resolved copy to Wrod and the copy back into the live system.

Is there a way to either export the custom slide or have it auto imported as part of a service in the same way as a missing song is imported? This would be a fantastic addition for us.


I've added it to our feature requests page: Feature Requests

I was thinking the same thing. I put our service together at home and have to re-input the Call to Worship scripture and Announcments on sunday before the service. This would be a great feature and would save a lot of time.

If you zip the data directory on the one machine, then overwrite the data directory on the other with the zip copy it works perfectly.