Continuous display

Hi guys

Currently I use PowerPoint because my wireless remote control works with it. Most other programs don't have settings that work with simple remotes. (this is important for reasons I gave in another post)

But in OpenLP I can change the shortcuts! Specifically, previous and next slides need to be Left & Right.

However, if I include a presentation from Powerpoint or LibreOffice, I get stuck at the last slide. The presetation program is not handing back to OpenLP.

Also, media files are paused when going live. I need to be able to advance straight into the audio or video, as I do in PowerPoint. I'd love to save myself some of the complications of inserting AV, but the need to advance smoohtly through everything is currently more important. OpenSong 2.0 does it, but has the wrong shortcuts and no editing facility, otherwise I'd probably go there!

Thanks for all your hard work. If I had an AV techie, this is definitely the program I'd use. 



Hi, I've worked through some of the same issues. 

When in PowerPoint, if there is an embedded media file, I've set the file to start automatically when that slide starts.  That avoids the issue of having to click the icon or whatever on the screen in order to get the media to start.

I use a Kensington controller that has just PageUP/PageDown, so I've set the custom shortcuts in OpenLP to respond to those as well as Up/Down Arrow.  With one of the latest releases, it is possible to select the option to proceed to the next item when after the last slide of the previous item.  By pressing Down Arrow we progress from one item to another, so we can almost go through an entire service with only using the controller.  However, with PowerPoint, while OpenLP can go from the previous item into the PowerPoint using the PageDown or Down Arrow, it cannot come out of it back into OpenLP using the controller (AFAIK).  I believe that there are some good technical reasons why this is the case.  But for us this is a minor issue. 

I use VLC in OpenLP, and we don't have the problem of media files being paused, as they launch straight away (apart from the latency with the file loading etc) using PageDown.  I can't use PageDown to get out of a media file, but Right Arrow does the job for that, unlike PowerPoint.  But it is so easy overall that our non-techie users don't have any problem using it well - two keys and it runs smoothly, if I keep to the plan!

John Duffy