An audio player and Ability to add audio to images

I'm new to openlp so forgive me if this has been discussed or all ready suggested.

We use our presentation for drama presentations which create a couple of unique needs.

1. Ability to play sounds when an image goes live. To start a segment in a drama we show a title image along with a theme music clip that lasts for about 10 seconds. As a work around I am going to try to create it as a song file with my image as the theme for the song. I'm not sure if it will accept no lyrics or not but in any case it would just be easier to have the audio clip attached to the image.

2. A built in audio player. If we need a sound effect during a drama it would be nice to be able to play it from openlp. Right now I am trying to figure out how to run a seperate app to play sounds while keeping an openlp image on the screen. I think I need a bigger monitor now.


I dont want to discourage anybody from using OpenLP, but you may find screen monkey more suited for your needs

I'm running Linux.


In adding support for audio files with songs, we built some basic support for audio files with other media types. Unfortunately it is not on our immediate radar to add full-fledged support to other media types.

Thanks for the replies.


So here is my workaround. It seems to work fine though I haven't run it live yet. Let me know if you see a problem. Again, this is for dramas where we have a title slide showing and then need to play sound affects during the drama like thunder, footsteps, door slamming, etc.

What I do is load all the sound effect clips into the Media section of the media manager but I don't add them to the service that I am using for that event. With the title slide live I then click on the first sound effect that I am going to need. When I need to play it I click the "Preview" button. This plays the sound effect but leaves the live graphic on the screen. I then get ready to do the same thing with the next sound effect.